Chef Noel Cunningham

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Kenrick A. Stewart

During Chef Cunningham’s formative training in the culinary arts at the Runaway Bay HEART Training Institute, he was a standout. As the Executive/Programme Advisor at the time, I was very impressed with his commendable positive approach to his training and required stints at the hotel.  Outside his scheduled time, he was always willing to volunteer, especially in time of need.
Over the years, I have pleasantly watched him pursue and achieved a very successful career in the world of ‘chefdom’.  These include Head Chef/Restaurant Manager at the popular Café Mantra in Kingston, Jamaica.  During the time spent at Café Mantra, he gained publicity for his work in the electronic and print media.
His willingness to work and a strong commitment to the tasks given played a crucial part in his success to date. He possesses leadership qualities, strong culinary skills and complemented with creativity which has become one of his hallmarks. Additionally, a very focused and dedicated chef who I strongly believe, whenever given the opportunity he usually will excel.
Commendations to Chef Noel Cunningham on his successes to date!
Kenrick A. Stewart,